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High Level Classes require approval - reach out to [email protected] if interested.

Spiritual Coach & Mentor

Ashley V.

Owner & Creator of Ascension NXT

Ashley started her journey into the unknown realms at an extremely young age, having intense paranormal experiences all throughout her early childhood into in her late teens. She’s had no choice but to dive into Mystical and Metaphysical self-study since a child. She always wanted to know more about the worlds beyond the veil and through her research she developed a deep distrust of mainstream sources the more she studied the secrets of human history that were hidden, covered up, or just blatantly lied about. This lead to extreme anger and frustration as a young adult and she wanted nothing to do with living in the normal system and structure of society. She lived a destructive lifestyle in her late teens into early 20s until she hit rock bottom in 2010 and knew things had to change. She started to study the enlightening aspects of the metaphysical world and started working with crystals, oracle cards, and finally learned Reiki. After she learned Reiki she realized so much about herself and who she was beyond her physical self. She felt a sense of belonging and realized there is more to life than being upset because the world wasn’t what it seemed. She acknowledged through energy work that you can alter and work through many hardships in life. Within the acceptance and understanding of life’s hard lessons she realized you can shift your reality when you shift your thought process. She decided in late 2013 she needs to share this knowledge with other people and that she needs to show people the power they hold within! In 2014 she opened Ascension NXT with every penny she had in her bank account and dived right into her Divinely lead business without looking back. She knew in her soul this was the work she needed to do and nothing was going to get in her way. Ashley’s here to really shake and awaken the world, she embodies unapologetic truth and integrity in her work. If you are serious about learning about your intuitive abilities and inner strength, Ashley is the one to work with. If you want to play spiritual and be force fed spiritual fluff Ashley may not be the one for you. Everything Ashley teaches and facilitates is next level, and is designed to help with serious growth, changes, acceleration, and expansion in all areas of life. Ashley is the proud Owner and creator of Ascension NXT (going on 8 years May of 2022), a beautiful facility that holds workshops, classes, events and produces Magickal tools for your metaphysical practice and needs. She is certified in over 8 Metaphysical practices, an experienced Coach, Reader, Healer and Spiritual Teacher. She dedicates her life to her work and is truly passionate about her purpose work which is to awaken and empower humanity. If you desire to work with a truly passionate and dedicated Spiritual Practitioner for coaching, healing, and or learning you found the right person, she was made for this. She embodies the Galactic energies which are emerging on the planet currently to bring humanity to the next level of evolution. We are all here to create massive shifts and changes and we all carry a piece of the Divine within us. Ashley is here to be a guide to help you dig into to the core of you power and allow that energy to emerge into your reality. You are worth it and the planet needs highly developed people for the future of humanity.